Head Teacher's Message


Welcome to Term 4!

Term 3 was a term packed full of so many activities and events it was hard to catch your breath.

The students visited and worked with AKPOL (the Police Academy for Indonesia) and TV KU Semarang. The visits were hugely successful and a great informative time was had by all!

We also celebrated Chinese New Year & Family Day at the same time. The school looked wonderful in the red decorations and the event with the dancers, dragons and costumes was a complete blast.

The Business Fair and Car boot sale was a joint adventure where students made goods for sale or had fun stalls with terrific prizes. This not only helped the students understand the way we are able to plan and organize a part of an event but also what we are able to achieve with the profits. In this case we have installed a computerized library system and bought some great books to boost the system. Mr. Chris Toomer, the Academic Head of SIS Schools, was very impressed with the event and enjoyed himself on the games stalls. Numerous parents also contributed with their own stalls selling a variety of products.

The Indian Holi festival brought colour and a sense of Bollywood to the school. The students had many events and competitions with the winners being rewarded by Mr. Oliver Anderson with the traditional candy prizes. Many Indian parents came and I can say that the food was fantastic!

Many of our pre-school and English teachers went to Jakarta to collect thoughts with our other schools on pedagogy of teaching and the way forward for the future. Thank you teachers for giving up more of your time to better the school.

The Expo Education Fair at Paragon was a hugely successful time. Ms. Corry and Ms. Riska manned the stand every day and staff were rotationally available….. Again thanks to all. It was great to meet past, present and future students and parents. Next time, a little further away from the speakers!

The Scholarship Program was a big talking point and continues to be so. Please see the details on this website for the requirements and you may save over $1000 a year!

Our students organized a ‘Run for a Cause’ and sponsored events to raise much needed money for the Medical Mission in Term 4. This event will take place on the 18th April between 9.00 am and 12.00 am. The local community comes for this annual event where they are able to receive a medical check-up and any drugs they need as a follow up. Local doctors and nurses are used and our students again help with the people on the day. This is a wonderful way of linking the needy in our society with the students, staff and local professionals.

Mr. Paul Martindale, the IT Manager for the British School Jakarta gave a tremendous Professional Development day to our teachers regarding the past, present and future of IT in the classroom. He was a great help to all and gave the school many good pointers for the future. Mr. Paul has agreed to come back and give a presentation to the parents on Thursday, 16th April. All parents are invited to this event which I am sure you will find eye opening and honest.

Singapore School Semarang is proud to host this year’s SASMO mathematics competition on 11th April. We expect a large turn-out for this annual event. More details are available from Mr. Dennis at the school.

On top of all this, of course, there is the small matter of IGCSE, A level and Checkpoint external examinations from Cambridge, the National Examinations and our own internal SA2 examinations…..

More details to follow regarding all of these and much more. Did I say Term 3 was busy? Hmmm Term 4 looks even more crowded.

Thanks to all stakeholders enabling the above to be a reality and a very enjoyable time.


Have a great week!

Ralph B Millington
Head Teacher

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