Head Teacher's Message


Dear all

I hope you are all well and healthy in this, our third term.

Staff and students alike have been very busy in the past couple of weeks, especially those involved with the local examinations. The company are in an exciting period finalizing our plans for the next eighteen months. These plans include what is expected to be a massive increase in financial support for our planned super projects. More details on this very soon.

We have a new music teacher, Pak Samuel, who has been involved with the choosing of the new musical instruments for the department thanks to your great support from the Car Boot Sale and School Fair. Again, a million thanks to all involved in this.

On a sadder note Pak Sutrisno, an outstanding maintenance worker for the company had a stroke last week and is slowly recovering in the local Elisabeth hospital. He is a long way from being anywhere near his old self but his improvement is progressing step by step. The family is now without a bread winner and the teachers and staff at school have been digging deeply in their pockets to help. We will be passing over the charity fund made at the Fair to his wife to help out with finances. Our thoughts and prayers are with Pak Sutrisno and his family. The next time I visit I will give him all your best. Please feel free to give any donations to the Finance Department and we will make sure this is passed on. Charity begins at home and I can think of no better place to send our Fair Charity fund to.

Our teachers often give up weekends without the knowledge of our parents and students and last week was no exception. Many members of staff met in Jakarta with the SIS family of schools to evaluate the teaching schemes of work and best practice. The findings are already in action and I thank the devotion of the staff in making this happen. No one likes losing holidays but all staff here is exceptional. A huge thanks to them.

I chaired the SIS Head Teachers meeting last week and many exciting times lie ahead. The ability to get so many people around a table and share successes, concerns, ideas and results with instant feedback is massively beneficial. The fruits of these discussions will be fed back into the workings of our schools.

Next week I will be meeting with a delegation from HeadStart International School, Phuket, to begin the twinning process of our schools. This will provide a marvelous opportunity for our staff and students to work with students in another culture and environment.


Have a great week!

Ralph B Millington
Head Teacher

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