Head Teacher's Message

Dear all

The end of the first term is upon us and what a start! The school is changing physically into a more stimulating and learner friendly environment. Our students are using reflection and questioning as a base to jump start our critical thinking thrust.

So, where are our new physical changes and what is yet to come?

The multi-purpose hall has been re-painted and will shortly begin the restoration needed to create a true sports hall. The plans are moving along to shift the hall to be a fully enclosed air-conditioned  unit complete with male and female changing rooms, toilets and showers. There will be a total of four badminton courts marked out in addition to the football and basketball markings. In addition we plan to introduce table-tennis (ping pong) and have indoor athletic facilities. We will double the number of PE lessons in Secondary to compliment the health and fitness drive at the school.

The football pitch will be upgraded and we will have a flatter surface, easily seen painted lines and all the drains will be covered surrounding the pitch. We are looking to introduce a long jump pit, a triple jump pit, a discus and shot put circle and a javelin run up. We aim to promote a local soccer school of excellence based here at the school. Exciting times ahead!

The outdoor basketball court will also be overhauled. New back boards and re-surfacing will provide a great venue facing the new mini stand already in place. The tennis court will be resurfaced and changed into a multi play area with various markings (softball, rounders , hockey ……). All in all, our outdoor and indoor sporting facilities will be terrific. I am a great believer of sport for all.

All the rain water drains are having new covers installed around the school and new emergency signs will enhance our safety aspect. Thanks to all who have adhered to the new safety procedures for the pick-up and drop off times.

Away from sport we have seen a great improvement of the student interaction in the lessons of all ages. The introduction of Boardworks and MyiMaths has been a breath of fresh air in the rooms. There is still room for textbooks and worksheets but thankfully the stranglehold of these methods has been released. Students are loving the new reflective lessons and the feedback from the teachers is very positive.

Our students will be taking the Business Studies and English AS levels very soon and the Bahasa IGCSE examinations have already started. We wish all our students continued great success.

We now have a new Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefects after a very exciting election. Full details will be available soon in a special article on this website. Our younger students had a blast at the Water Blaster Park while the older students were greeting the new prefects. Again, pictures and more details to follow.

I would like to thank all parents for attending the Parent Teacher Conference at the school and passing on their thoughts and wishes to us. Finally I would like to thank all the students and teachers for making this such a memorable first term for me at SIS, Semarang.

Have a great holiday!

Ralph B Millington
Head Teacher

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