Head Teacher's Message

Dear all

The first couple of weeks of the new term have been incredibly busy for students and staff alike. We have had many trips throughout this week and next, linking multiple themes and exciting experiences for the students.

Our trips for the younger students have been as varied as possible and ranged from Carabao riding to making Sushi, from rice planting to preparing and cooking your own meal in a MacDonald’s restaurant, from traditional fishing to oral hygiene and finally kitchen experience with a cooking demonstration at a local restaurant.

Our older students had a choice of three trips covering different themes, lengths and costs. We had a trip to Bali, Malang and Yogyakarta.

Cultural museum visits, local fruit plantations and region specific dance shows awaited the students to Malang.

Bali gave our students time to mingle with the local wildlife at a bird park and a monkey forest. Local shows and amazing lakes gave the students a flavour of beautiful Indonesia that may never have seen before.

Those going to Yogyakarta were treated to the rich culture of central Java with local puppet shows, batik art and craft and getting to grips with history at one of the biggest temples in SE Asia.

Amazing photo’s and personal student reflections on the trips will be posted soon after the students get over the energy sapping journeys.

We would like to thank all those responsible for the organization and the very successful trips which were thoroughly enjoyed by all.

All our classes have been supplied with upgraded speakers to enhance our drive for more use of ICT in the classroom. This is a welcome move for the children as the sounds of the sea, roaring animals and clearer voices can be heard when walking around the school.

Our secondary students produced some great written work on who was their hero, and why.  These ranged from Martin Luther King to J. K. Rowley. Heroes come in many forms and it was great to see the passion today’s youth have for having an idol from the past or present.

As an old fossil myself, I have many heroes. These would range from family members to mathematicians, from explorers to volunteers at orphanages. This list could continue for some time!

It would be interesting to hear from parents as to who their hero is!

Have a great weekend!

Ralph B Millington
Head Teacher

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