Our History

SIS Semarang History

The school was founded in response to the ardent invitation of the people in Semarang to have Singapore education that would prepare individuals to be globally competitive without sacrificing one’s own culture. It aims to provide education of international standards that would cater to the community wherever they are in Semarang.

With its humble beginnings in 2005, the school began operating in its small rented place in Jalan Diponegoro with minimum facilities, sixty-two (62) students and eight (8) teachers headed by Ms. Teresa as the principal. The school then had students from Nursery 1 – Primary 4.  On its first year, the school had already offered the four languages (English, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia & Chinese). These languages responded to the need of its students.

The school remained in the same campus for three (3) years with its quite rapidly growing number of students. In its course as a growing institution bound to have its mark in the educational realm. The school remained steadfast; however, that on its 4th year, it has moved to a new campus in Jalan Gajah Mungkur  on its own. The quality of education it offered remained untarnished and became even more credible. This paramounted everything, thus, it withstood the test of time.

Despite all the challenges the school had faced for the last five years of its existence, little by little, it made notable and significant remarks to the community.  The word of mouth coupled with the school’s credible track record has invited parents to enroll their kids and be a part of the SIS family.

A few years ago, the SIS Board made a promise to the community in Semarang that it will establish a top, purpose-built school with excellent facilities and affordable fees. SIS Semarang in its new location marks the delivery of that promise.

The Board of Governors has envisioned the school to play a crucial part in bringing about some changes not only in Semarang but also in Indonesia as a whole. It even brought quality education to every doorstep of Javanese family in the region.

Supportive administrators, dedicated teachers and loyal parents work hand in hand for the betterment of the school. Inspired by our motto, “Towards Greater Heights” the school has promised to deliver.  Adapting the Singaporean curriculum, students are equipped and trained to excel academically.  The school has a reputable record in both local and international exams.

The students were consistently giving pride and honour to the school for the commendable results they have shown and will continue to show in ICAS, CIPAT & Checkpoint examinations and soon IGCSE.  Our students have also competed and brought awards and recognition to the school within the region not only in academics but also in sports and performing arts.

True to its Vision-Mission to produce well-rounded individuals and the belief on multiple intelligences, the school has organised events to showcase and tap students’ talents and skills in varied areas of discipline.  These co-curricular activities have made school life for our students even more meaningful.  The different cultural and sports programs have inculcated sound values among our students.  These values are reflected in their interaction with other people.  The values of teamwork, sharing, responsibility, concern and commitment are among the values instilled in them. These students are as well exposed to community service where inherent values of commitment and concern are underscored. Thus, making them refined young pupils, ladies and gentlemen.

From once odd campuses to a fully furnished structural building with complete facilities and amenities, it is but a blissful moment of thanksgiving. It has been said by famous Indian poet Kalidasa that goes, “Yesterday is but a dream, tomorrow is only a vision, but TODAY is a gift, the reason why it’s called the present.”

In this glorious day, we would always reminisce the PAST that moulded our dreams; we celebrate the PRESENT that those dreams have become a reality; and we will together look forward to the FUTURE for more dreams rolled into packages of triumphs and successes.