Community & Social Awareness

The worst monsoon rain in 80 years has caused a big flood in Pakistan killing about 1,600 people. Not long after the disaster in Pakistan, hundreds of people in Kaliurang and Yogya were killed and lost their homes and families because of the eruption of Mount Merapi. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has appointed the National Disaster Management Agency in charge of the relief operation.

To strengthen the students’ sensitivity and awareness to the needs of others, the school decided to raise fund through Entrepreneurship week last December 2010.




Last 20 December 2010, some teachers visited Yogyakarta and hand in the donations to father Romo Deny Sulistiawan Pr, head of Catholic Church in Pakem, Yogyakarta.









Social Awareness Week

Every year, there is a loss of million acres of forest area worldwide.  All over the world, there are a lot of drives taken to address this growing environmental problem.

Singapore School, Semarang believes in its significant role towards this growing concern.   In celebration of our Social Awareness Week with the theme: “GO GREEN”, the school took learning into action.  Last February 14-18, the school “think and act green” with a vision of a greener world. In a weeklong event, students carried-out various activities that instilled higher esteem for nature.

Students from Nursery up to the Secondary level were all involved in the activities. Seed planting for Preschool, Healthy Meal Demonstration for Lower Primary, Slogan-making for Upper Primary and a talk on Environmental Conservation by the Secondary were the array of activities.  And for the culminating event, the whole school took learning to the outfield with their shovels and gloves for a “Tree Planting” activity. Around 80 trees of various species were planted all-over the new school grounds. Another fun and meaningful event marked the SIS history.  Under the blaze of the sun and a sprinkle of rain, SIS Semarang posted a new promise for the future ahead.