Our Curriculum


In an increasingly globalised world, schools have to adapt to the constant changes and trends in how their learners are educated. Our young learners will have to be equipped with critical values and skills to better understand the world, its people and the various cultures.

SIS has a reputation for understanding the global village we live in. The SIS curriculum is "alive". It is continuously enriched based on the latest research and best practises to ensure that the necessary skills are imbibed in the programmes that are run in the school.

The SIS curriculum is modelled after the curriculum used in the top schools in Singapore, but is taught in an international environment.  The SIS curriculum essentially nurtures its students and prepares them to face  a wider world by training and  equipping them  with skills and concepts. Teachers adopt the hands-on learning approach, providing their students with first-hand experiences, thus, making learning more meaningful and relevant. Students are encouraged to think divergently and creatively when expressing ideas, formulating solutions and developing insights.  SIS students are given opportunities to work either in groups, in pairs or individually to transfer the knowledge learnt in the classroom into new learning situations. Research and Interdisciplinary Projects are very much part of the SIS programme.

In the age of advanced Information Technology, computer literacy is very much a part of the SIS curriculum.  Computers and multi-media are introduced in the early years to enhance the learning of concepts and life skills.  They also play an essential role as we hone the presentation skills of our students, making them confident learners and speakers.

To prepare our pupils for the competitive world, much emphasis is given to the learning of English and Mandarin Language. (SIS is one of the first schools in Indonesia to introduce Mandarin as a Second Language). The Mandarin program has been well established in SIS.   As a response to the evolving and increasing needs of our students, Hindi is also taught along with Bahasa Indonesia.

The holistic education which we provide has given our students opportunities to express their talents inside and outside their classrooms.  The annual production of our Musicales has developed in our students a love for music and the performing arts. Co-curricular Activities are an important part of the curriculum as it feeds the diverse interests and talents of the students.  Tae Kwon Do, Cooking, Chorale, Futsal are just a few of the CCAs that SIS Semarang offers.  Community Service is yet another programme that SIS students are involved in to promote a sense of responsibility, tolerance and altruism.

The SIS programme extends itself from Nursery and Kindergarten levels, up to Primary and Secondary classes, and then right to the Junior College (K to Grades 12) before they move on to top universities in the world.

The SIS curriculum is unique in that it combines quality, structure and rigor with features of a flexible international school system.  This combination will ensure that our students will take a greater responsibility for their own learning and build in them a capacity to ensure their own survival in a fast changing world.