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Malang Trip

(21-24 October 2014) Malang Trip


The field trip to Malang was one of the most memorable moments in my life .In a short but sweet span of three days and two nights, my secondary mates and I with the teachers, experienced an onslaught of adrenaline-pumped activities such as motocross and komodo ride; our visit to the theme park where all of us had a splendid time trying out all of the available rides were nostalgic. It posited a recall of childhood where one leaves anything behind and just indulges. Not only were the activities planned full of action, they were educational as well. Indeed, learning should not be confined in the four walls of the classroom – with avenues like these; the real world is our lab. Our visit to the ‘Kota Batu’ museum where a vast array of preserved animals and all sorts of creepy-crawlies were displayed - the latter making my skin crawl (personified) was a reservoir of knowledge to learn from. Best of all, it was just next door to the hotel, Pohon Inn we were staying in!

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Leadership Camp 2014 – Programme of Activities

Leadership Camp 2014

Get Fired Up :Leading the Way to a Brighter Tomorrow


At the end of the activity, the pupils will be able to:

  • become more expansive in their horizon in the service of a transformed world community and grow into a discerning and participatory community;
  • develop their leadership potentials as they interact with one another in the different activities they will be participating in;
  • foster the spirit of cooperation, support, camaraderie and unity between and among fellow students; and
  • enhance the analytical thinking skills  of students in making sound decisions.

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School Improvement Plan

Dear parents, guardians and friends of SIS Semarang,

Welcome back to a new start in a new academic year. I hope in the next few weeks you will be able to see the first steps in our improvement plan for all concerned with our great school.

The changes that are immediately evident are:

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Field Trip To Istana Mie, Simpang Lima

Last Friday (5/6) was  the Primary 5 Students’ fieldtrip to Istana Mie, Simpang Lima. It started at 9.30 and lasted until 12.30. During these hours, this restaurant became crowded and busy and our fifty students were fascinated to experience their special noodle making.

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