School Updates

Field Trip to Bandeng Juwana

May 12, 2014 was pleasing day for lower Primary students of Singapore School, Semarang. They had a Field Trip to Bandeng Juwana Pamularsih, one of famous companies that sell Semarang’s special Bandeng (milkfish).

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English Competition for Kindergarten & Lower Primary

SIS Semarang held English competition for Kindergarten and Primary 1 & 2 students on Saturday, May 10, 2014. Sixty-seven (67) students from other schools around Semarang participated in this event.

The competition itself was divided into three categories, they were ’Picture Conversation on Paper’ for Kindergarten students, ‘English on Paper’ for Primary 1 students, and Primary 2 students.

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Large Vermeil Medal in the World Stamp Championship

Mauritania Wibawanto, Primary 5 student, was awarded Large Vermeil Medal in the World Stamp Championship, held in Jakarta, 18 - 24 June 2012.

The Titles of the Exhibits are :

  • Japanese Occupation in Java 1942 - 1945, category Class 10th - Youth Philately (10 - 15 years old)
  • The War of The Independence in Java 1945 - 1949, category Class 10th - Youth Philately (10 - 15 years old)




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